The home of Julia & Sebastian, Germany

Credit: Julia & Sebastian/@stillershome

Create a garden haven with cosy outdoor lights

Julia and Sebastian/@stillershome are experts at creating a warm and inviting outdoor atmosphere. They understand that a well-lit garden can transform the outdoor space into a cosy sanctuary. The Lighthouse lanterns are versatile lanterns that come in various colours and sizes and can easily be moved around in the garden. The Lighthouse lantern, small, offers the convenience of switching from cosy candlelight to brilliant LED light in seconds. The LED unit can be powered by either solar cells or a power cable. Adjust the lighting settings with the included remote or set a timer for added ease. 

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Black lantern with LED light by the pool for outdoor lighting
Two Cane-line Lighthouse lanterns in a large and small size with grey candlelight on the terrace
Evening coziness with outdoor lighting by lots of candlelight in glass vases and two black lanterns in different sizes, cozy bench setting outdoors