The home of Julie, The UK

A charming thatched cottage

Julie Aldridge is the homeowner of the charming three-hundred-year-old thatched cottage with low ceilings, numerous wooden beams, and some exposed brick fireplaces. She has transformed her outdoor surroundings into a serene garden sanctuary that seamlessly blends her cosy interior design style with the beauty of nature. And her lovely grapevine-covered pergola is no exception.

Three sand boucle outdoor dining chairs at a garden table under a greenery cozy pergola
Back of a white bouclé garden chair with a dining setup under a lush green pergola in the summer times

A serene garden

Julie loves incorporating plenty of greenery into her garden. She uses lush evergreens as a backdrop, and her choice of garden furniture in neutral colours and natural materials beautifully complements the greenery. Under her pergola, the striking Cane-line Pure table, featuring a fossil black ceramic tabletop, paired with the soft bouclé Choice chairs, adds contrast that makes the garden's natural beauty stand out.

To enhance the garden's allure into the evening hours, Julie has thoughtfully integrated lighting elements. Festoon lights delicately adorn the pergola above their dining table. Lanterns, faux candles, and cordless lamps are carefully positioned throughout the garden, providing both functionality and an inviting atmosphere.


“I like to mix beautiful old pieces alongside chic, modern furniture to create a relaxing, cottage garden with a contemporary feel... I regularly bring soft furnishings from the cottage into the garden – cushions, throws, table linen etc. and have a couple of outdoor rugs which help soften the space.”


Julie is dedicated to both comfort and sustainability in her garden. She carefully selects high-quality, durable garden furniture from brands that prioritize minimizing their environmental impact. This reflects her commitment to creating a space that not only looks good but also lasts.

Explore Julie's enchanting garden and find inspiration on her Instagram profile @aldridgejulie.