Here you can find the sofa that fits you

At Cane-line you will find a wide range of designs of sofas and sunbeds. We have created 19 different series, so you will without a doubt be able to find a sofa and a design that matches your needs.
By the mission “life made comfortable”, we never compromise with comfort, quality and durability.

Our materials are carefully selected and tested for all kinds of weather and you will experience that the look and the comfort remain the same for many years and only require a minimum of maintenance.
All our products can be mixed and matched as they all fit together in height and tones of colour.

At Cane-line we give the environment a high priority and therefore we develop and produce furniture with long lasting durable materials, which over time will not change either the look or the comfort.
Below you will find a description of some of our most purchased products series:


Design by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD
Our Peacock sofa is a beautiful visual sofa with lots of comfort. The mix of 2 colours in the weave gives a very unique expression and the weave is of a very durable material. The sofa is available in Cane-line Weave®, which is a dyed and durable polyethylene fiber created for outdoor use, as it withstands rain and large temperature differences. Both the structure of the fiber and the method of weaving ensures suppleness and optimal seating comfort. Alternatively it is available in Cane-line Soft Rope, which is a soft and dyed polypropylene fiber, which feels like an ordinary indoor fabric and dries very fast after a downpour. It is ideal for outdoor use in any climate, as both designs are temperature- and UV resistant and will therefore not lose its colour over time.


Design by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD
The Moments series is setting new standards for multi-flexible furniture. With its elegant, minimalist Scandinavian design, it appears beautiful from all angles with its light and transparent look.
Moments comes in both an indoor and an outdoor version. For outdoor use the Moments is produced in the weatherproof Cane-line Soft Rope, which consists of soft polypropylene fibers that feels like ordinary indoor fabric with high UV-resistance and quick drying effect.
The cushions comes in Cane-line SoftTouch®, which is our patented fabric produced exclusively for Cane-line. The fabric is a combination of our two fabrics; the persistent Cane-line Tex® and the soft, comfortable Cane-line Natté. The Moments sofas and modules are with our QuickDryFoam® core that ensures maximum drainage and air circulation when it has been exposed to rain and moisture. The QuickDryFoam® core has an antibacterial protection, which decrease the risk of formation of sponge and mold in the cushions.


Design by Strand+Hvass
The popular Breeze sofa is designed as a 2-seater sofa and is a part of the light and stylish Breeze series. The series is developed and produced in the unique weave, Cane-line Weave®, which is UV-resistant, durable and only needs a minimum of maintenance. It has a transparent and light look combined with high comfort, since the material matches the contour and movement of the body. Breeze can be used as a stand-alone sofa or in a combination with other Cane-line furniture series. It is available in black, light grey and white grey in the unique Cane-line Weave®, with seat cushions in various and matching colours.


Design by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD
Conic gives a great opportunity to create the perfect outdoor lounge area. It can be used as a stand-alone chaiselounge or being a part of a larger lounge group. How ever you choose to use your Conic sofa, the comfort is optimal and the design is created with flexibility in mind.
Conic is available in Cane-line SoftTouch®, which is a very soft material and fabric with a memory function, which ensures that it will not lose its shape nor its strength. It is also available in the soft Cane-line AirTouch fabric, which is 100% dyed acrylic fabric and with quick drying effect - exclusively produced for Cane-line.
Both fabrics are with QuickDryFoam® cushions. The foam has an antibacterial protection and reduces the risk for formation of fungus and mold.
The cushions have a very comfortable feel and look, just like we know it from indoor fabrics, and only require a minimum of care. Because of the light frame made of Aluminium, the furniture can easily be moved from one place to another, and the flexibility of the system gives you the opportunity to create a relaxing atmosphere or a classic lounge sofa group.


Design by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD
The Diamond series is an integrated and classic series with a timeless design and a high comfort. It looks fantastic from all angles and will suit every garden or terrace. The frame is upholstered with the weatherproof Cane-line Tex®, which is water repellent, durable and elastic coated polyester fabric with memory function. Over time it will still keep the shape and the cleaning of the furniture is very simple and easy.
The cushions are made of the soft and comfortable Cane-line Natté fabric with QuickDryFoam® cushions, which ensures maximum drainage and aircirculation when exposed to rain or moisture. Furthermore is has an antibacterial protection which reduces the risk of formation of sponge and mold in the cushions.