Marissa Ferienpark, Lembruch, Germany

A Scandinavian Oasis by the Dümmer See

A stay at Marissa Ferienpark promises relaxation, sports, and immersion in nature. Unwind at the spa, try watersports at the Dümmer See, or explore nearby natural wonders. The holiday park presents a perfect alternative to the bustling German coast with its coastal vibes, dune landscapes, and year-round attractiveness. Guests can relish breathtaking sunsets over the lake, surrounded by a stunning landscape of moors, heaths, and rolling hills.

Marissa Ferienpark's philosophy revolves around "Gentle tourism in harmony with nature." The resort aims to be a place of relaxation, encounter, and enjoyment that appeals to all the senses while preserving and protecting the surrounding natural beauty.

Outdoor grey lounge modular sofa with red small coffee table on the terrace of Marissa Ferienpark
Maria Ferienpark restaurant with Cane-line Ocean dining chairs in natural
Marissa Ferienpark spa area with relaxing spot with grey madras, Cane-line Peacock grey shell lounge chairs

A perfect blend of nature and design

The distinctive style of Marissa Ferienpark is deeply rooted in Scandinavian design. Collaborating closely with Danish interior designers, the resort exudes a modern and open ambience with a focus on light colours and clean lines. The interior design, architecture, and overall resort layout reflect the hallmarks of Scandinavian aesthetics.

Wood, a quintessential element of Scandinavian design, takes centre stage in the interior design of Marissa Ferienpark. It adds warmth and a sense of cosiness to the spaces, creating an inviting and homely atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Therefore, the minimalistic and modern Conic lounge was chosen to furnish the rooftop, this choice not only enhances the sense of tranquillity but also complements the surrounding natural beauty.


Quote from Marissa Ferienpark design colour palette
Five Cane-line Amaze sunbeds in teak wood on the terrace
Cane-line Peacock outdoor daybed with black and grey colours, grey cushios, midldle sidetable in teak natural