Carry Me, basket, low


Carry Me, basket, low

Type: Accessories
Item number: 6610RU
Stackable: No
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Carry me is a range of functional and elegant baskets in the natural material, rattan. The baskets are created with respect for nature and for traditional craftsmanship. The bright natural look of the rattan fits into most modern homes with a preference for the Nordic look. The many lines and shapes in Carry Me creates an almost sculptural look that can adorn any home. Carry Me has many features, from laundry basket, storage for pillows and plaids, gathering place for the children's toys and much more. The possibilities are endless. The baskets add warmth and aesthetics to the home, and are easy to move from one room to another.

Carry Me, laundry basket, low, Natural, rattan (6610)
65 cm
25.6 inches *
45 cm
17.8 inches *
26 cm
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