Kingston footstool / side table


Kingston footstool / side table

Type: Accessories
Item number: 5348LW
Stackable: No
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***· Modern and timeless design · Stackable · Furniture can stand outside all year round · High lightfastness · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning ***

The Kingston footstool is a natural extension of any Kingston lounge furniture, and can be used as a footstool, side table or as an extra seating. The footstool is designed in weather resistant materials giving the advantage to stand out all year round. It requires only minimal maintenance and cleaning. Put your feet up or place a hot cup of coffee on it.

Kingston stool / side table (5348)
38 cm
15 inches *
46 cm
18.2 inches *
Seat depth:
46 cm
18.2 inches *
4.6 kg
10.1412 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on
CategorySide table / Footstool
FrameCane-line Weave / Galvanized steel 

Powder coated hot dip galvanized steel maintenance manual

Cane-line Weave® maintenance manual

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