Kingston lounge chair


Kingston lounge chair

Type: Lounge
Item number: 5450LB
Stackable: Yes
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***· Modern and timeless design · Stackable · Furniture can stand outside all year round · High lightfastness · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning ***

Kingston lounge chair is a unique design that combines the best in modern design with high functionality. The lounge chair, with its round and spacious curves, offers high seating comfort. Despite the size, the lounge chair can be stacked, thus saving a lot of storage space. The lounge chair is manufactured in Cane-line Weave®, which is an incredible weather resistant material. The chair has a long lifespan and has a high lightfastness, which means it can easily stand out all year. It requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. Sit down and enjoy the warm summer evenings.

Kingston lounge chair, Stackable (5450)
79 cm
31.2 inches *
86 cm
33.9 inches *
78 cm
30.8 inches *
Seat height:
36 cm
14.2 inches *
Seat depth:
52 cm
20.5 inches *
14.3 kg
31.5258 lbs *
Kingston cushion set for lounge chair (5450)
52 cm
20.5 inches *
50 cm
19.7 inches *
4 cm
1.6 inches *
0.8 kg
1.7637 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on
CategoryLounge chair
FrameCane-line Weave / Galvanized steel 
CushionCane-line Natté, Cane-line Link
CoverNo. 11

Powder coated hot dip galvanized steel maintenance manual

Cane-line Weave® maintenance manual

Cane-line Natté maintenance manual

Cane-line Link maintenance manual

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