Sticks kitchen module storage box


Sticks kitchen module storage box

Type: Kitchen
Item number: 3512TEAKBOX
Stackable: No
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The Sticks Kitchen Module Storage Box is a streamlined storage solution. Style your Sticks Kitchen with our Module Storage Box. Inspired by the elegance of sticks, it seamlessly integrates with the Sticks Kitchen. This storage box is designed to keep essentials organized and easily accessible, while its modular design maximizes space efficiency. Elevate your kitchen with the Sticks Kitchen Module Storage box for a perfect blend of streamlined storage and timeless style.

Sticks kitchen module storage box (3512)
45 cm
17.7 inches *
48 cm
18.9 inches *
13 cm
5.1 inches *
5 kg
11.1 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on